Homer Heater, Jr.

DOB: December 11, 1934
Married: Patricia Ann Aduddell, 1953
Children: Four sons, all married, nine grandchildren
 Three great grand daughters and five great grand sons.
Address: 112 Longview Ln; Easley SC 29642
Telephone: Home: (214) 907 1090
Email: homerheater@gmail.com
Web Page: homerheater.com


Burnsville (WV) High School, 1951
Washington Bible College, B.A., 1959
Capital Bible Seminary, Th.M., 1964
Major in Greek
Catholic University of America, M.A., 1967
Major in Hebrew/Aramaic
Catholic University of America, Ph.D., 1976
Major in Hebrew/Aramaic
A Septuagint Translation Technique in the Book of Job. Published as a CBQMS monogram  
Series 11 with the same title. Monitored by P. W. Skehan


Army National Guard (1950-1956)
U.S. Air Force (civilian) May to December 1952 (Warner Robins, Ga.)
U.S. Marine Corps (civilian) January 1953 to September 1955 (Washington, D.C.)
U.S. Treasury Department September 1955 to May 1959 (Washington, D.C.)
Adjunct instructor Washington Bible College 1959-1966
Adjunct Hebrew instructor Capital Bible Seminary 1966-69
Pastor, Derwood Bible Church  February 1959 to July 1966
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Capital Bible Seminary 1969-1985
Academic Dean, Capital Bible Seminary 1973-1985
Interim pastor of six different churches
Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary 1985-93
Interim Pastor, Community Bible Church, Irving, TX 1985-93
Academic Dean, Capital Bible Seminary 1993-1994
President Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary 1994-2005
President Emeritus Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary 2005-
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Capital Bible Seminary 2005-2007
Professor Emeritus Capital Bible Seminary 2007-
Minister at Large, BCM International 2008-


Book Reviews:

Anchor Bible Esther Christianity Today 7/71
NICOT Jeremiah Christianity Today 12/81
Believers Church Bible Commentary, Jeremiah BibSac 12/86
Word Biblical Commentary, Ezra, Nehemiah BibSac 6/86
EBC Daniel and Minor Prophets BibSac 5/86

Periodical Reviews:

“Biblical Studies and the DSS” JSOT BibSac 5/88
“The Messianic Hope in the Old Testament” JSOT BibSac 10/89

Books, monographs, and periodicals (
Amazon Page):

A Septuagint Translation Principle in the Book of Job. CBQMS 11. Washington, D.C.,  
        Catholic Biblical Association, 1982.

Zechariah in Bible Study Commentary Series. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1988.

“Samuel and Kings” in A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament. Ed. R. B. Zuck. Chicago:
       Moody Press, 1991.

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“Matthew 2:6 and Its Old Testament Sources.” JETS 26 (1983) 395-397.

“A Textual Note on Luke 3:33.” JSNT 28 (1986) 25-29.

“Literary Structure in the Book of Lamentations.” BibSac 149 (1992) 304-315. Reissued as
“Structure and Meaning in Lamentations” in Vital Old Testament Issues, Roy B. Zuck, ed.,
       Grand Rapids: Kregal, 1996.

“Destruction Language in the Prophets.” JETS 41/1 (March 1998) 23-43.

Ruth, An Exegetical and Philological Commentary, Paul Joüon, Tr. Homer Heater.          
      Hesed Publications, 2013.

A Century to Remember, Ed. Homer Heater

The Old Testament Prophets, An Outline. Hesed Publications, 2014.

Bible History and Archaeology, An Outline. Hesed Publications, 2014.

Growing Up on Riffle Run. Hesed Publications, 2012.

"Once More, Jeremiah 10:4-10 Masoretic Text and the Septuagint," Bibliotheca Sacra 174 (July-
September 2017) 301-11.

I'm a bit like the clerk in
the Canterbury Tales, "gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche" (General
Prologue 310).