January-December            Monitoring Online Courses with Liberty Seminary

March 28-April 9                 Leading a group to Israel

May                                      Visiting in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania

July 12-19                             Wedding of our French granddaughter in Scotland

August 7                              Des Moines Gospel Chapel, Des Moines, WA.

August 9-11                         Park of the Pines, Kent WA

August 14                            Des Moines Gospel Chapel, Des Moines, WA

October 16                          Grandson's baptism in MD

November 13                      Speaking at CBC in Irving TX

November 21-26                ETS meetings in San Antonio TX (Reading a paper)

December 20-January 5    Christmas with Kevin, Lucy, and family in France

March 2017                         Chantilly Bible Church (VA) Men's Retreat

June 4-9 2017                     Chantilly Bible Church (VA) Lectures on "Between the Testaments"

July 14-16                           Heater Family Reunion in PA
SCHEDULE 2016-17